Friday, November 11, 2011


So, it appears that I am once again neglecting my blog. My bad.
I to be honest, I have been a little distracted this week; I juggle two jobs, and have to fit my work schedule around my husband's. We've had lots of clean up to do after the nor'easter that came through New England over the Hallowe'en weekend. Plus, Bear is 4. Four year old boys are distracting. Besides, I'd much rather be reading than writing, and this week Bear and I have devoured Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz, and George's Marvelous Medicine (I'm now terrified that I'll come into the kitchen one day and find a large pot filled with every paste, powder or liquid he can find...).
But whilst I have been neglectful of my blog, I have been working away at crafty goodness once more. The plushies I'd been making from the Mystery Critter pattern gave me an idea for a Christmas gift. I married into a family incredibly proud of their Swedish heritage, and one of the emblems that appears often is that of the dala, or dalecarlian, horse. I've been riding ponies since I was eight, and so horses as a theme strikes a chord for me.  So, combining my new found obsession for making plushies with the dala horse, and satisfying my incredibly limited budget for Christmas this year, I've been working on a plushie dala horse for my MiL. It's taking a lot longer than I'd anticipated, because I'm putting a bajillion details on, taking pictures at every step and the sewing machine keeps trying to eat things... But I'm really excited by the project and will post an attempt at a tutorial and tons of pics when it's done.

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